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Hello! this is my page regarding the pricing of my commissions!Commissions are not first come first serve

Examples and Pricing

(prices are in GBP)

please note that additional characters/details etc may increase the pricing

half body: £250(+20% for extra detailed)

Full body: £400(+20% for extra detailed)

Full body Illustration: £700 (+20% for extra detailed,+50% for each extra character)

Outfit design: £450(+20% for extra detailed)
Character design £500 (+20% for extra detailed)

please note that for an outfit design you must have a reference of your pre-existing character already, otherwise it'll count as a character design.

Terms of use and/or service

  • The commission information provided on this website is for personal use only. You can use it as an icon/banner etc but you cannot directly profit off the work, such as selling prints/merch/nft of it. (please email me using the information given in the contact section for commercial enquiries! there will be an extra fee for commercial rights which is open for negotiation depending on the intention/scale)

  • Continuing the above statement, you may not resell the commission pieces or designs.

  • I own rights to the work and all will be posted to my social media. a 50% extra fee will be added if you want the piece to be private. Additionally if you commission me to design a character/outfit for you you must credit me as the creator.

  • All commissions are sent to you as a full res .png, .jpeg sized down for social media and the procreate footage for creating the piece. There is no physical product.

  • Commissions will take me about three months maximum upon starting the commission depending on my situation! I put a lot of hours into my drawings so please be patient with me! feel free to ask for any updates if there hasn't been one in a while, but I'll mainly update for each step and check with you (thumbnails,sketch with flats, etc.)

upon payment you agree to the terms above and/or the terms listed in the invoice if there needed to be any changes. please read through carefully.


  • Payment is through Paypal only. If the commission is accepted I will send a Paypal invoice to you and payment is upfront only. I will also not accept crypto currency as payment.

  • If the invoice isn't fully paid within 24 hours I will cancel the commission.

  • There are no refunds unless I cannot complete the commission. If I cancel the commission you will receive 100% of your money back. However, I have the right to not tolerate rude and/or inappropriate behaviour even from a client. Any aggressive behaviour towards me during the commission process will cause me to cancel the commission and you will receive 50% of your money back.*

*upon payment you agree to the terms above and/or the terms listed in the invoice if there needed to be any changes. please read through carefully.

Commission form

Please keep in mind that I will not draw:

  • NSFW (18+) content or fetish art

  • Any hateful content towards race, LGBTQIA+ or any other minority/community

  • Furry/non human-like characters

  • Mecha

  • Art intended to be sold as NFT or involved with anything related to Cryptocurrency.

  • Art intended to be used to train AI or promote AI art

  • Emotes and Live 2D models (I am not experienced enough with these to feel comfortable offering commissions for them just yet I'm sorry) (designing vtubers is still ok feel free to contact me via the email provided)

I have the right to decline a commission if it's not something I am comfortable producing

Please use the google form to send me the information regarding your commission!
if there are any issues or questions about the process feel free to DM me on twitter or instagram.


Interested in commissioning me or have any questions about my comissions? DM me on Twitter or Instagram.
For commercial enquiries etc email me using the address below

[email protected]

Thank you for reading!